You Are a Cat!

December 8, 2011 | Graphic novels

You Are a Cat

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of the 1980s get a funny and decidedly more adult-oriented spin in You Are a Cat! (Conundrum Press, 200 pages, $17). Read and decide how to spend your day as Holden Catfield, an ordinary neighbourhood cat with a lot of options. Will you head over to your girlfriend’s house for a snuggle? Take on that nasty tomcat that’s been marking up your territory? Head off in search of fish to munch?
Part homage and part satire by Montreal writer/illustrator/poet Sherwin Tija, You Are a Cat! serves up quite the fancy feast of activities for a kitty to chew on: want to become a peeping tom,stop a suicide or, oh, what the heck, kill a man? It’s all in this bizarre, yet highly addictive and enjoyable effort.
(This article first appeared in the Toronto Star)

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