Wonder Woman: Gods & Mortals

March 1, 2004 | Trades


Wonder Woman: Gods & Mortals
George Perez, Greg Potter, Len Wein, Bruce Patterson
DC Comics
$30.95/$19.99 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Wonder Woman: Gods & Mortals falls under the category of better late than never.
In 1986 DC Comics began re-launching many of its titles to give them a more modern, and less confusing, feel.
Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, each in turn got 40 to 50 years worth of continuity boiled down to the best elements and re-packaged, many with a new #1 issue,
Wonder Woman, re-booted in 1987 by writer/artist extraordinaire George Perez, was a brilliant look at the relationship between people and their gods. Full of fantastic art and a pretty compelling storyline, this was a critical and commercial success.
And finally, after 17 years, and after almost every other DC re-launch series has been collected in a trade paperback, these first seven issues of Wonder Woman are together in one volume. And more ambitiously so, DC is planning three more collections of Perez’s run on the most famous female character in comics.

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