Wonder Woman: Down To Earth

July 26, 2004 | Trades


Wonder Woman: Down To Earth
Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Eric Shanower, Brian Stelfreeze, Steve Rude, Stuart Immonen, Eduardo Risso
DC Comics
$22.95/$14.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)
It’s the tell-all to end all tell-alls — an instant bestseller.
Ambassador Diana of Themyscira, known to the world at large as Wonder Woman, has the hottest new book on the charts, but this isn’t the behind the scenes look at any risqué goings on with her fellow super-pals, this is the Amazon princess telling the world how — with a lot of hard work — it could become a utopia.
While many are quick to laud the super-hero for her bold stances on many controversial subjects, such as traditional family roles, prison reform and the damage humans are doing to the environment, Wonder Woman is quickly facing attacks from several sides by those who disagree — and some of those attacks are more than just verbal.
Collecting the first six issues of writer Greg Rucka, penciller Drew Johnson and inker Ray Snyder’s continuing run on Wonder Woman, Down To Earth is packed with great dialogue, sharp art, terrific tussles and the development of a ton of great supporting characters plants some fertile seeds for the series grow with.

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