What’s Michael? Vol. 11: Planet Of The Cats

June 19, 2006 | Trades


What’s Michael? Vol. 11: Planet Of The Cats
Makoto Kobayashi
Dark Horse Books
$9.95 US (Paperback)
*** (out of five)

It’s part cat observational humour, part tripped out cat fantasy book.
That’s What’s Michael?
This manga import by Makoto Kobayashi ranges from funny to head-scratchingly odd. This volume also features a bizarre Planet Of The Apes homage story, which sees series regulars Hanako, Konbayashi and Kageyama in the role of astronauts that crash land on a Planet Of The Cats, where Michael and his girlfriend Popo work to save them from a life as circus freaks.
What’s Michael? is cute and sometimes clever, but also just plain odd.

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