Vimanarama #1 (of 3)

February 21, 2005 | Comics


Vimanarama #1 (of 3)
Grant Morrison, Phillip Bond
Vertigo/DC Comics
$4.50/$2.95 US
** 1/2 (out of five)

Writer-supreme Grant Morrison seems to be falling into a pattern lately: one hit, one miss.
WE3 was awesome. Guess what Vimanarama is?
Using his rather impressive creds to continue to do pretty much whatever the heck he wants to over at DC, Morrison starts this story with a lurch, sending his hero, Ali, chasing after his baby nephew Imran, who has disappeared into a hole in the basement floor at their family’s London, England, variety store. Rather than finding an inevitable mess, Ali discovers an ancient East Indian city and its strange protectors.
Vimanarama is weird. Hopefully its salvageably so.

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