Urban Monsters #1

April 7, 2008 | Comics


Urban Monsters #1
Will Wilson, Joanne Moore, Tone Rodriguez, Rick Ross
Image Comics
$3.50 CAN/US
*** ½ (out of five)

Pop quiz: What do you get when you jam a fish man, a zombie, a chupacabra and a Bigfoot into a classic Ford Thunderbird?
A road trip that none of them will soon forget.
When Randy, the aforementioned fish man, notices an open casting call in Daily Variety for monsters of all kinds, he dream of hitting the road for a chance of a lifetime to become a star like his hero, Roger Fishman. But to get all the way from New York City to Hollywood in three days will take a lot of effort, so he enlists his friends Eddie (the zombie), Arnaud (the chupacabra) and Bert (the Bigfoot) to help out.
Now the only thing standing in their way is the hot water Eddie’s in with the NYPD and a group of inbred wolfmen who’ve taken a shine to Bert.
Not exactly a run of the mill road trip, eh?
The creative team of Will Wilson, Joanne Moore, Tone Rodriguez and Rick Ross deliver a quirky and likeable cast; nice, clean art and a story that is monstrously enjoyable

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