True Story, Swear To God #1

September 25, 2006 | Comics


True Story, Swear To God #1
Tom Beland
Image Comics
$3.35/$2.99 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Tom Beland is a stranger in a strange land — and he’s never been so happy.
This ongoing autobiographical love story, about how California-native Beland moved to Puerto Rico to be with the woman of his dreams, starts off with a little summation and segues into how he copes with being a ‘gringo’ and an occasionally starving artist.
After daring all and moving in with Lily, Beland decides to break some other boundaries in his life — starting with collecting on a bunch of long-overdue paycheques. With an almost-perverse glee, Beland devises diverse strategies to guilt, harass and generally nuisance those who owe him. The result is a little more cash in his pockets and a chance to impress Lily with a home-cooked meal.
Beland’s work is wonderfully heartfelt and genuine. It’s nice to read a story about someone who isn’t angst ridden about finding the right person and losing them, or worse, never even finding them. True Story’s stranger in a strange land is not only happy, he’s funny and off to a fine start in his monthly debut.

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