October 17, 2005 | Comics


Alex Robinson
Top Shelf Productions
$19.95 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Fans of Alex Robinson have waited a very long time for his second book.
It’s been four years since the collected edition of the critically acclaimed Box Office Poison hit the streets and readers have longed for more of Robinson’s gift for dialogue-driven relationship stories ever since.
Well, Tricked is proof that some things are worth the wait.
Intertwining the lives of six diverse people — Ray, the frustrated rock star; Nick, the philandering counterfeiter; Phoebe, the long-lost daughter; Caprice, the relationship nightmare; Steve, the possibly homicidal curmudgeon; and Lily, the unsuspecting assistant — Tricked delivers on all promises.
The characters are rich and well developed, the story is, at times, engrossing, and, in spite of the juggling it must have taken to tells that many people’s tales, woven with the intricacy of a spider web.
Welcome back, Alex. Please don’t make us wait so damned long for your third book.

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