Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 — Back on the Street

April 6, 2009 | Trades

As riot cops bash in the skulls of innocent people on the streets below, Spider Jerusalem huddles on a strip club roof pouring rage through his fingertips into his laptop and out into the world.
The most over-the-top journalist in the world has come down from his mountain after five years of peace — and he’s not happy. Only the threat of a crippling lawsuit over two books owed to his publisher could get him to come back to this place. But once the putrid smells and deafening sounds of the city soak in, the old Spider’s is ready to get back to work. And his first story looks to be a doozy.
Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 — Back on the Street (Vertigo, $16.99, 144 pages), a frenetic, futuristic masterpiece meshing the wonderfully warped mind of writer Warren Ellis (Planetary, Authority), with the staggeringly filthy and breathtakingly detailed work of artist Darick Roberson (The Boys), sets the tone perfectly for what became one of the best mature-readers series of all time.
To help dig up material for his books, Spider takes a job as a columnist with The Word, a newsfeed site, and quickly sets his attention on the transience movement — people who are changing themselves from human to alien — and their recent bid for autonomy within a city neighbourhood.
After interviewing the leader of the cause, Spider is ready to write his piece and wash his hands of the situation, but when the standoff escalates into full blown war with the cops, the writer wades right into the heart of the action to get to the truth — with a scoop that shocks the public and puts the city’s ne’er-do-wells on high alert: He’s baaaaack!

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  2. I’m gonna go buy this tonight. No time or hard drive space for CB reader or whatever that is. I’ll let you know what I think. The only comic book I ever remember reading was Archie & Jughead.

    By Sheila Lightfoot on Apr 8, 2009

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