Transformers — War Within Vol. 2: The Dark Ages

December 6, 2004 | Trades


Transformers War Within Vol. 2: The Dark Ages
Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman
Dreamwave Productions
$17.95 US (paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)
Optimus Prime and Megatron are gone and Cybertron stands on the brink of civil war. All it will take is one little push and the whole house of cards will come crumbling down.
This second volume of tales of the ancient past of the popular Transformers, sees the chaos that ensues after the events of the first book, which saw Megatron, leader of the evil Decepticons, and Prime, commander of the peaceful Autobots, disappear at series end.
Amidst the conflict and confusion, an ancient warrior, perhaps as old as the planet itself arises and begins a nefarious plot to bring about a new dark age.
Told with a much grittier edge than traditional portrayals of these characters, The Dark Ages is entertaining and imaginative is a good bet for TF fans, but could be a tad difficult for new readers to follow along.

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