Thundercats: The Return

March 1, 2004 | Trades


Thundercats: The Return
Ford Gilmore, Ed Benes, Joe Pimentel & Rob Lea
DC/Wildstorm Comics
$19.95 (softcover)

There’s just never a happy ending anymore,
One of the staples of weekday afternoon cartoons in the 1980s is back as the Thundercats return in this second comic book collection since the characters were dug out of mothballs in 2002.
Figuring that most fans of this series would now likely be in their 20s and 30s, writer Ford Gilmore has stopped with the sugar coating and is giving us a more grown-up version of this team of heroic, humanoid felines.
The Return sees the Thundercats’ world turned upside down as, while Lion-O, their king, is away learning how to become a wiser ruler, the evil Mumm-Ra has conquered the hero’s homeworld, enslaved and even killed Lion-O’s subjects and is now patiently waiting for the Lord Of The Thundercats to return.
Aided only by his former nursemaid Snarf, Lion-O faces a tough task, as he must rescue the remaining Thundercats and reunite them in order to bring an end to the rule of Mumm-Ra.
Featuring pencils by Ed Benes that are so sharp you’ll swear you’re on your parent’s couch after school, The Return is a very interesting homage to a fine TV series.

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