Three Days In Europe

February 9, 2004 | Comics


Three Days In Europe
Antony Johnson & Mike Hawthorne
Oni Press
$14.95 US (softcover)

Perfectly timed for the day of love, Three Days In Europe is about the power of love gone wrong.
Jill thinks she’s got the perfect way to (bring she and her estranged boyfriend, Jack, closer together) end an estrangement when she plans the ultimate romantic getaway for her boyfriend, Jack — a trip to London for Valentine’s Day to see the reunion gig of his favourite rock band. Until she finds out Jack’s arranged for them to jet off to Paris to see a gallery show by one of her favourite artists.
The pair’s argument over which trip to take leaves Jill in London, Jack in Paris and the unusual ride that eventually reunites them is a riot.
Jill ends up a groupie for a band she hates and Jack falls in with the wrong art crowd in a wild adventure that is sometimes silly, but certainly satisfying.

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