The Terminator Omnibus Vol. 1

March 24, 2008 | Trades


The Terminator Omnibus Vol. 1
James Robinson, Matt Wagner, John Arcudi, Paul Gulacy, Ian Edginton, Chris Warner, Vince Giarrano
Dark Horse Books
$24.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

It all began with one of the most famous movie catch phrases of all time: “I’ll be back.”
And so he was. The Terminator, from marauding cyborg death machine in the 1984 sci-fi classic to hero and guardian in the 1991 sequel and it’s less-beloved third film in 2003 — always gun-toting and quip shooting.
Like much great sci-fi, though, the Terminator’s story didn’t just end on the big screen. Long before being adapted for TV in the recently launched Sarah Connor Chronicles, a whole universe of possibilities were taken on by intrepid creators of both novels and comic books alike, including some notable creators such as James Robinson (Starman), Matt Wagner (Grendel), John Arcudi (The Mask) and Paul Gulacy (Shang-Chi: Master Of Kung Fu).
The first volume of The Terminator Omnibus contains a trilogy revolving around a team of soldiers sent from the future to eliminate all traces of Terminator technology, only to discover that more of the robotic killers are hot on their trail.
Fans of the films (and/or TV show) ought to enjoy this imaginative adventure and will no doubt “be back” for more in volume 2.

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