The OMAC Project #1 (of 6)

May 16, 2005 | Comics


The OMAC Project #1 (of 6)
Greg Rucka, Jesus Saiz
DC Comics
$3.50/$2.50 US
**** (out of five)

The Blue Beetle is dead and if Maxwell Lord has his way: nobody will know about it — at least until it’s too late.
Picking up just moments after the events of Countdown To Infinite Crisis (c’mon, it was only $1 — surely you read it) the nefarious schemes of Lord, the former Justice League member, begin to unfold.
Sasha Bordeaux, a former protégé of the Batman now working for Lord’s organization Checkmate, is given the task of hiding the evidence of Beetle’s demise, testing her loyalties to their utmost.
Meanwhile, Batman himself is working feverishly on contacting a series of satellites — the purpose of which is unclear, but which may have to do with the ability to defeat his super-powered brethren.
Probably the best of the four Infinite Crisis prequels, OMAC is engrossing stuff, courtesy of writer Greg Rucka and artist Jesus Saiz.

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