The Metabarons Vol. 1/The Technopriests Book 1

August 23, 2004 | Trades


The Metabarons Vol. 1: Othon & Honorata
Alejandro Jodorowsky, Juan Gimenez
Humanoids/DC Comics
$22.95/$14.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

The Technopriests Book 1: Initiation
Alejandro Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov
Humanoids/DC Comics
$22.95/$14.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Alexandro Jodorowsky has been one of the most prolific and influential people in comics over the past 25 years — outside of North America.
The Chilean, best-known as the writer/director of cult films, Santa Sangre, El Topo and The Holy Mountain, has been working for years with French publisher, Humanoids, with much of his work seeing print in English only recently.
An agreement between Humanoids and DC Comics for the U.S. company to publish English adaptations of the many diverse works originally released overseas delivers us two of Jodorowsky’s most acclaimed series, The Metabarons and The Technopriests.
Full of wild concepts and visuals, the like of which are rarely seen in North American comics, both series blend strong characterization, tremendous pacing and a downright peculiar predilection for adding extraneous prefixes to the simplest of words.
The Metabarons is a galaxy-spanning tale of the rise of a man named Othon from space pirate to the most lauded soldier in the universe, while The Technopriests sees a boy named Albino try to rise up from being an unloved bastard-child to become a member of the elite game creators of the Technoguild.
Jodorowsky, 75, who will be a special guest at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo from Friday through Sunday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, possesses a rare quality like animator Hayao Miyazaki to imagine worlds the rest of us are too grounded to perceive. These first North American glimpses into his comic-creating mind are well worth the time.

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