The Goon Vol. 8: Those That Is Damned

October 29, 2009 | Trades

The Goon Vol. 8: Those That Is Damned
Eric Powell, Gris Grimly, Kyle Hotz, Herb Trimpe, John Arcudi, Bob Fingerman
Dark Horse Books
$15.95 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

The Goon may be a big, nasty mobster, but he fights the good fight.

He’s taken on evil scientists, zombies, monsters and countless other things that go bump in the night in a neverending battle to protect his town and its people without batting an eye.

But when the Goon finally learns the truth about his town and his role – that he’s doomed to a life of pain and to keep battling evil as long as he stays where his is – will he lose his resolve and finally hit the road in search of true happiness?

Five-time Eisner Award-winner Eric Powell masterfully delivers a pivitol chapter in the brilliant Goon saga, featuring the long-awaited origin of the mysterious Buzzard, the secret history of the Goon’s hometown and a showdown between the hero and his nemesis, Labrazio.

As a nice little bonus, Those That Is Damned also includes some diverse and enjoyable Goon short stories from MySpace Dark Horse Presents #6 by the likes of Gris Grimly, Kyle Hotz, Herb Trimpe, John Arcudi and Bob Fingerman.

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