The Goon Vol. 7: A Place of Heartache and Grief

September 7, 2009 | Trades

The Goon Vol. 7: A Place of Heartache and Grief
Eric Powell
Dark Horse Books
$15.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

The Zombie Priest and his hordes of undead have been a real pain the butt for the Goon over the years.

The Nameless Man, as he’s also sometimes called, has spent decades making life on Lonely Street a living hell — and now someone’s going to give him the same treatment.

The first collected-edition of Eric Powell’s The Goon since the mesmerizing original graphic novel Chinatown and Other Stories in late 2007 (the unofficial volume 6 in this series in case you’re wondering) continues the masterful balance between the truly horrific and the absurdly humourous.

While the comeuppance of the Zombie Priest and the introduction of a couple of big-time new villains bring the heavy, the tussle between the Goon — the thuggish 1930s mobster with a heart of gold — and a “colossal transvestite” and the battling chimp with a golf club duct taped to its head and broken bottles duct taped to his hands definitely deliver the laughs.

As always, Powell’s incredible painted art dazzles throughout in an effort fully worth of the 2008 Eisner Awards it won.

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