The Flash: The Secret Of Barry Allen

October 17, 2005 | Trades


The Flash: The Secret Of Barry Allen
Geoff Johns, Howard Porter, Livesay
DC Comics
$26.99 (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Nobody’s perfect, but The Flash always thought his uncle was close.
Wally West grew up as Kid Flash to his uncle Barry Allen’s starring role, always idolizing and seeking to emulate the fastest man alive.
But Barry died many years ago, leaving Wally to uphold the legacy of The Flash, one that seems to have garnered a bit of tarnish.
In last year’s mega-hit miniseries Identity Crisis, readers learned Barry and several other members of the Justice League of America erased parts of the minds of certain villains — and even Batman — when their secret identities and the safety of their loved ones was compromised.
But Barry’s secrets don’t end there.
In the title feature of this sizeable collection of The Flash’s monthly comic, Wally is given a letter written by his uncle prior to his death — one that asks his former protégé to find and fix a “mindwiped” super-villain, The Top. But Barry’s request could have fatal consequences for the Scarlet Speedster.
The Secret Of Barry Allen is another terrific collection of writer Geoff Johns’ definitive run on The Flash.

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