The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive #1

June 19, 2006 | Comics


The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive #1
Danny Bilson, Paul Demeo, Ken Lashley
DC Comics
$4/$2.99 US
**** (out of five)

Super-heroes have traditionally been men (and women) of mystery — their secret identities known only to a select few, including their faithful readers.
But as DC Comics continues to revamp its universe, it seems this tradition has been taken to a new extreme after fans were first forced to wait on pins and needles to see who would be the new Wonder Woman and now who the new Flash is.
Readers are faced with several mysteries as this issue begins:
1. What happened to Wally West, the man who has been The Flash since the 1986 death of his predecessor Barry Allen, when he disappeared in DC’s recent mega-crossover series Infinite Crisis?
2. How did Bart Allen, AKA Kid Flash, return from the same disappearance as Wally, but four years older and now lacking the ability to run at super speed?
3. What happened to the Speed Force, the source of most DC speedsters’ powers?
Well if you’re looking for answers right out of the gate you might be a tad disappointed, but there’s no doubt new series writers Danny Bilson and Paul Demeo are planning something big and memorable and this debut issue is the foundation.
This issue also marks the return of Canada’s Ken Lashley to comic books after a four-year break to do some commercial work and he’s back in fine form, showing he really understands how to portray the Fastest Men Alive.
Honestly, if you’re a DCU fan, there’s no way you should miss this series.

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