The Flash: Crossfire

March 22, 2004 | Trades


The Flash: Crossfire
Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins, Doug Hazlewood
DC Comics
$27.95/$17.95 US (Paperback)
***** (out of five)

Comic book writer extraordinaire Geoff Johns (JSA, Teen Titans) is a master of pacing and nowhere is this more clear than in The Flash: Crossfire.
This book, the third collection of Johns’ run on the title, mixes action with great dialogue and is very easy to pick up and read without any previous knowledge of the characters or plotlines.
But those who have read the series, or even just the previous two trade paperbacks, are rewarded with the culmination of a dozen beautifully woven threads that Johns has been slowly sewing over a couple of years.
Crossfire see The Flash, the fastest man on earth, caught between the twin threats of The Thinker, an evil computer virus run amok, and the Rogues, a group of super-powered crooks who all have a mad hate-on for the Scarlet Speedster.
Watching Flash try to stop The Thinker on one end and the Rogues on the other, while trying to look out for his loved ones and save his hometown is awesome comic book entertainment.
Scott Kolins art style is the perfect accompaniment to Johns’ storytelling. Kolins conveys a sense of the speed that The Flash works in better than any artist who has drawn the character in years.
The Flash is often one of the most underrated comic books on the rack and hopefully trades like Crossfire will draw some attention to an excellent title.

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