The Exterminators Vol. 1

August 28, 2006 | Trades


The Exterminators
Vertigo/DC Comics
$13.50/$9.99 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Horror comic books are thriving more in recent years than they have in decades.
There’s books with zombies, monsters, vampires and the rest, but few of those books ever really manage to get under your skin — to really freak you out. The Exterminators is an exception.
This book is so damned freaky that it will send chills running up your spine, have you viciously stomping every bug in your house into oblivion and even eying the neighbourhood wildlife differently after just one chapter.
When ex-con Henry James takes a job as an exterminator with his stepfather’s company he isn’t prepared for the twitchy, skittering, growling and vile elements he’s forced to deal with — and those are just his co-workers! But when dead bodies, including one of his colleague’s, start piling up and the purported best insect-killing chemical on the market turns out to be bug steroids, it all really hits the fan.
First-time comic writer Simon Oliver and illustrator Tony Moore (The Walking Dead, Fear Agent) cover all the bases with an eerie plot and suitably filthy and fantastic art in a series that is sure to add to the legacy of great work from Vertigo.

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