The Collected Works Of Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey

March 1, 2004 | Trades


The Collected Works Of Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey
Tony Millionaire
Dark Horse Books
$12.95 US (softcover)

The adventures of Uncle Gabby and Mr. Crow are some of the most off-beat and bizarre stories in comics, but there is no arguing that they are hard to resist.
Tony Millionaire writes, pencils and sometimes scribbles this second collection of his tales of Uncle Gabby, the stuffed, old, wool sock monkey and Mr. Crow, his equally cotton-filled companion.
A combination of dark humour and arcane wit, the Collected Works contains four stories, with subjects a far-ranging and outlandish as salamander hunting, a battle royal with a group of angry sea creatures, a naplalm-sporting sock monkey with an attitude and, more gripping of all, a tale in which Uncle Gabby attempts suicide after accidentally killing a baby bird.

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