The Chemist #1

August 7, 2007 | Comics


The Chemist #1
Jay Boose
Image Comics
$3.75/$3.50 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Vance LaRoche just got stabbed in the back.
He was supposed to be making the kind of exchange he always makes — reverse-engineered pharmaceuticals for stacks of cash — but the organized crooks he deal with decided his services were no longer required and now he’s lost the drugs and the money and finds himself saddled with the beautiful Alex, the person set up to make the exchange with him.
As he races back home to Montreal with Alex in tow, LaRoche needs to figure out what changed his relationship with his employers and why they want him dead.
And while it’s clear the cops have an eye on him, is there a third party interested in him?
The Chemist, created, written and illustrated by Pixar Studios animator Jay Boose, is top-notch crime-noir and has all the makings of an outstanding series.

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