The Brave And The Bold Vol. 1: The Lords Of Luck

January 14, 2008 | Trades


The Brave And The Bold Vol. 1: The Lords Of Luck
Mark Waid, George Perez, Bob Wiecek
DC Comics
$29.99/$24.99 US (Hardcover)
**** 1/2 (out of five)

It’s the kind of pairing comic book fans dream of.
No, it’s not Batman and Green Lantern, as in the first issue of the hot new team-up series, The Brave And The Bold. Nor is it Supergirl and Lobo or the Dark Knight and the entire Legion of Super-Heroes.
While all of those characters working together is certainly one the things that makes this book great, the match made in heaven is truly that of writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and artist George Perez (Crisis On Infinite Earths).
Waid is the ultimate DC devotee with an encyclopedic knowledge of decades worth of characters and continuity, while Perez has an unparalleled gift for maximizing the number of heroes, villains, aliens, spacecraft or whatever else his writer wants him to squeeze into a comic panel or page — with exquisite detail.
Together these two titans of comic creation have brought forth a book staggering in its scope, taking readers from Las Vegas to an alien galaxy trillions of kilometres away, from 2007 to the 31st century and twisting in so many obscure-yet-excellent characters that you’ll get lost trying to count them all.
This book promises to be bold and it delivers in spades.

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