The Awakening

December 6, 2004 | Comics


The Awakening
Neal Shaffer, Luca Genovese
Oni Press
$9.95 US (paperback)
** (out of five)

A knife-wielding maniac is picking off a group of teen girls one at a time and the only person who might know the killer’s identity has lost the power to speak.
Sounds like the recipe for a terrific book doesn’t it?
But The Awakening never really pulls it off.
Between trying to lay a foundation where you care about the characters, then killing them off and then solving the mystery in this tight little 104-page book just doesn’t cut it.
The Awakening’s premise is sound and it is easy to be endeared to the lead character, Francesca. However the violent murders of most of her friends, the plodding police investigation and the resolution of the case leave much to be desired.
Perhaps another 100 pages would do it.

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