The Authority: Harsh Realities

April 13, 2004 | Trades


The Authority: Harsh Realities
Robbie Morrison, Dwayne Turner, Tan Eng Huat, Sal Regla, Sandra Hope
Wildstorm/DC Comics
$22.95/$14.95 US (Paperback)
** (out of five)

Five years ago The Authority was the most cutting-edge comic around.
But that was then…
When The Authority, a more real-world team of super-humans who’ve decided to stop fighting super-villains and started fighting for a better world, first debuted it was brilliant. This was one of the first mainstream titles where the heroes cut loose and brutally killed the bad guys and had sex and swore, but all in an extremely thought-provoking way, courtesy of British geniuses Warren Ellis and Mark Millar.
Now, after The Authority closed up shop for a year, comes a new series, a new issue No. 1 under Wildstorm’s Eye Of The Storm “suggested for mature readers” banner.
What was fresh and pushing the envelope is now forced and contrived. It’s like your buddy swearing every other word and thinking he’s cool.
On top of that this book’s spine is the worst case of false advertising around. The credit reads: Morrison and Turner. Grant Morrison and Mike Turner are two of the hottest names in comics and are currently burning up the comic sales charts with their books. Unfortunately this book is written by somebody named Robbie Morrison and is drawn by Dwayne Turner. Not exactly the dream team.
Harsh Realities is a bit of a disappointment from a traditionally excellent franchise.

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