The Absolute Sandman Vol. 1

November 6, 2006 | Trades


The Absolute Sandman Vol. 1
Neil Gaiman
Vertigo/DC Comics
$120/$99 US (Hardcover)
***** (out of five)

Neil Gaiman made us both feel old last autumn when he reminded me that Sandman was quickly approaching the 20th anniversary of its first issue.
“I had a beautiful adult woman come up to me the other day — and by adult I mean 28, 29, 30 — and say ‘I’ve been reading your work since the eighth grade,’” Gaiman said.
“All of the sudden I felt, not only old, but scarily old.”
I didn’t have the heart to tell the author, who turns 46 this week, that I started reading it when I was in Grade 10, but I’m sure he can take solace in the fact that his horror/fantasy comic-book masterpiece is finally getting an edition worthy of the King of Dreams.
The Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 contains the first 20 issues of the most critically acclaimed series of the 90s, which follows the rather complicated existence of Morpheus, the living embodiment of dreams. Also included in this breathtaking slip-cased, leather-bound hardcover are Gaiman’s fascinating original proposal to DC Comics, a gallery of character designs and the script for the World Fantasy Award-winning issue #19, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, along with reproductions of the issue’s pencils by Charles Vess.

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