The 13th Son: Worse Thing Waiting #1, 2

January 23, 2006 | Comics


The 13th Son: Worse Thing Waiting #1, 2 (of 4)
Kelley Jones
Dark Horse Comics
$2.99 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Kelley Jones creeps me out.
Well, not the man himself, I’ve never met him in person, but his art and storytelling just have a way of getting under your skin.
First it was Sandman, a haunting figure draped in shadows and surrounded by beings that would make your blood run cold. Then it was his Batman, with his exaggerated cape and cowl making the Dark Knight look almost demonic, followed by the contorted and creepy, Deadman.
More recently, Jones brought us the brief, but memorable The Hungry Ghost in the Dark Horse Book Of The Dead.
And now the tradition continues with The 13th Son, a tale of a monster that hunts monsters — yet lives quietly in the house just down the street.
Filled with the same visionary art (with a shout-out to his skills for depicting a disemboweling), Jones slowly unfolds the machinations of this grotesque anti-hero in a genuine page-turner that you may just want to read with every light in the house on.

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