Tales Of The Starlight Drive In

June 2, 2008 | Comics


Tales Of The Starlight Drive In
Michael SanGiacomo
Image Comics
$19.99 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

The only thing better than a good love story is a good love story about a drive in movie theatre.
Mike SanGiacomo, Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter and one of a handful of media types whose love of comics may even top mine, has been working on his love story for many years now. What was supposed to be an ongoing series of stories about the roller-coaster existence of the Starlight drive in went off the road and into the ditch thanks to the demise of its would-be publisher, leaving SanGiacomo and a group of almost two-dozen artists with a lot of work done and no home for it.
Thankfully, Image Comics got this drive in tale back up and running and the result was worth the wait.
From the introduction Adam, the little boy whose bedroom window faces the screen at the Starlight, and his first meeting Neil, the quirky projectionist with a whopping secret, Tales Of The Starlight sucks you in with its mix of solid characters and great nostalgia.
Every tale in this anthology, which includes contributions by Canadian artists Sam Agro, Mike Faille and Paul McCusker, ties into the movie being shown at the time and the eclectic mix makes for some interesting storytelling.
It also helps that SanGiacomo clearly loves his subject matter (though maybe not as much as he loves comics) and all that passion results in a pretty engaging read.

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