Swamp Thing: Bad Seed

January 24, 2005 | Trades


Swamp Thing: Bad Seed
Andy Diggle, Enrique Breccia
Vertigo/DC Comics
$15.25 (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

What’s big and green and apparently really pissed off?
The answer is the Swamp Thing in this collection of the first six issues of his new series.
Separated from all vestiges of humanity, the Earth elemental, who has also (in some manner not made clear to the uninitiated) gained the powers of fire, water and air, discovers his daughter, Tefe, in her brief role as Swamp Thing, has humanized his connection to the plant world.
While Swamp Thing’s wife, Abby, and the occultist John Constantine rush to try to connect the big vegetable to its former human spirit, Tefe learns of her strange connection to another element: flesh.
In fine fashion, Bad Seed both wipes the slate clean from past interpretations of Swamp Thing and sets the stage for future adventures.
Writer Andy Diggle and artist Enrique Breccia have put together a smart, complex horror book that could have a bright future.

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