Superman/Batman: Torment

May 19, 2008 | Trades


Superman/Batman: Torment
Alan Burnett, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
DC Comics
$22.99/$19.99 US (Hardcover)
*** ½ (out of five)

Superman may be brain dead and Batman is so in love that he’s having a tough time caring.
No, it’s not some strange alternate-universe story, it’s just two elements in Torment, the latest team-up adventure between the Man Of Steel and the Dark Knight.
When a strange piece of technology is stolen from one of Lex Luthor’s labs by Batman’s foe, Killer Croc, the heroes’ curiousity is piqued. But when Superman first starts acting erratically, then disappears, the Dark Knight’s investigation leads him someplace he never expected: On the other side of the galaxy and in the arms of a beautiful newfound ally that he quickly starts falling for.
Can Batman retain his infamous self control long enough to rescue his Kryptonian friend from a fate worse than death?
With ties to last year’s action-packed miniseries, The Death Of The New Gods and to this year’s expected blockbuster, Final Crisis, Torment is a big piece of the DC Universe puzzle and well worth checking out.

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