Superman: Strange Attractors

July 3, 2006 | Trades


Superman: Strange Attractors
Gail Simone, John Byrne
DC Comics
$19.99/$14.99 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

It’s not often that the Man Of Steel has an opponent he can really go toe-to-toe with.
But then that’s kind of a good thing.
In Strange Attractors, a collection of Action Comics issues leading into DC Comics’ recent Infinite Crisis mega-crossover, Superman is forced into battle with the nebulous Black Adam, a man who straddles a razor-thin line between hero and villain.
But even when he lets loose with all his might, can Supes stop a being who is his physical equal?
Also in this enjoyable volume by writer Gail Simone (Bird Of Prey) and classic Superman creator John Byrne: Supes faces a villain on the run … from himself, and the evil Dr. Psycho, egomaniacal Queen Of Fables and the smoking hot Livewire all show up to run the Man Of Steel through a vicious gauntlet.

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