Superman Secret Files & Origins 2004

July 26, 2004 | Comics


Superman Secret Files & Origins 2004
DC Comics
$7.50/$4.99 US
*** (out of five)

Welcome to another ‘we don’t call them annuals anymore’ issue.
While many of these once-a-year standalone books are packed with fluff and have little impact on the goings on in monthly series, Superman Secret Files & Origins 2004 is full of useful info.
The main story finally closes the book on the presidency of Lex Luthor.
Superman’s arch-nemesis was impeached recently in the ongoing Superman/Batman series, leaving long-time friend of Clark Kent, Pete Ross in charge of the U.S. But by the time this issue is over, there is a new man in command and some sinister goings on at the White House.
Perhaps more importantly, just three months after a huge redirection in the Superman series of titles (Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Superman), this book is packed with profiles of many of the supporting characters in the Man of Steel’s life.

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