Superman: Infinite Crisis

September 25, 2006 | Trades


Superman: Infinite Crisis
DC Comics
$17.50/$12.99 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

It’s Superman vs. Superman — winner take all.
Amidst the confusion of Infinite Crisis, DC Comics’ months-long miniseries and crossover, a clear division was being made between the Golden Age Man Of Steel and his modern counterpart.
The older hero blamed his successor for letting Earth get too dark, cruel and out of control. As each month of IC passed it became more and more apparent, for the sake of everything each of them believed in, these two were going to come to blows.
And so they did, played out over five issues and featuring some of the hottest writers and artists in the comic book industry, each taking a few pages to retell who these heroes are, how they came to be and what it is they’re fighting for.
Inevitably, the duo realize it’s not each other that deserve these mountain-shaking blows, but a greater foe — one with a very familiar face (you’ll have to read IC to find out who).
There will likely be nearly a dozen Infinite Crisis companion books released by the time it’s all said and done and this book is one of the musts.

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