Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 2

December 19, 2005 | Trades


Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 2
Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee
DC Comics
$33.99 (Hardcover)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

OK, I’ll put it all on the line: I actually liked Superman: For Tomorrow.
Having a lot of friends who are comic fans and a few industry associates, I heard little but criticism about artist Jim Lee and writer Brian Azzarello’s 12-issue arc on The Man Of Steel. “It’s too slow,” they whined. “There’s not enough going on.”
But having talked to Azzarello as the first issue was hitting the stands, I took heed of his advice that the story would all come together in the end.
It did.
After learning in the first volume that one million people has mysteriously vanished, including Superman’s wife Lois Lane, the distraught hero risks his life to find out the truth and winds up in a battle to the death with both friends and a very old foe.
OK, so this isn’t the best work either Lee or Azzarello have ever done, but in the end it is a pretty tight little story that has a lot of depth and is very much worthy of a second look.

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