Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 1

April 25, 2005 | Trades


Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 1
Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
DC Comics
$33.99 (Hardcover)
**** (out of five)

It takes a lot of courage at slow down the man who’s “faster than a speeding bullet.”
But that’s just what the team of writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) and artist Jim Lee (Batman) do with For Tomorrow.
Instead of coming in guns blazing, the duo starts this Superman tale very slowly — leaning heavily on conversation and introspection to gently unfold a mystery. This approach also takes Lee, who is famous for his drawings of beautiful women and sprawling action, to a place he seldom gets to take his work.
For Tomorrow, which sees the Man Of Steel discussing his role in the disappearance of over a million people — including Lois Lane — with a Metropolis priest, is an excellent examination of Superman’s faith, as well as the faith others have in him.

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