Superman: Camelot Falls Vol. 2

April 7, 2008 | Trades


Superman: Camelot Falls Vol. 2
Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
DC Comics
$23.99/$19.99 US (Hardcover)
**** (out of five)

The Man Of Steel can’t just stand by and watch as humankind is overrun by evil. Or can he?
The first volume of Camelot Falls presented Superman with a quandary: Could he let the forces of darkness win if he knew that it would help preserve humanity in the long run?
After the enigmatic sorcerer, Arion, shows the Man Of Steel a vision of the apocalyptic future that awaits humanity if he and his fellow heroes keep interfering, Superman is forced to do some serious soul searching to decide how to proceed. And once he’s made up his mind, can he live with the consequences?
One of Superman’s most heart-wrenching adventures comes to a surprising conclusion in an epic tale, written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino, that may just lay the groundwork for a gripping future to come for the world’s greatest hero.

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