Suicide Squad: From The Ashes #1 (of 8)

September 17, 2007 | Comics


Suicide Squad: From The Ashes #1 (of 8)
John Ostrander, Javi Pina, Robin Riggs
DC Comics
$3.65/$2.99 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

It was the defining act for the leader of the Suicide Squad.
After blaming himself for a mission gone wrong, Rick Flag headed right into the lion’s den to make amends — by blowing it up.
And true to his team’s name, it was Flag’s last mission as he held off the enemy leader at the cost of his own life.
Six months later and Squad creator Amanda Waller gets a tip she never expected: Flag is alive and being held captive in Russia.
Rounding up her team members — Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Nightshade and Captain Boomerang — Waller sends them into a sure trap on the hope their former leader truly is alive and waiting for aid.
The classic Suicide Squad was one of the best and most underrated series of its era and bringing not on it back, but also original series writer John Ostrander is fantastic news. From The Ashes is destined to be another Squad classic.

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