Star Wars: Purge

February 13, 2006 | Comics


Star Wars: Purge
John Ostrander, Doug Wheatley, Adam Hughes
Dark Horse Comics
$2.99 US
**** (out of five)

It’s almost impossible for the average comic book fan to resist an Adam Hughes cover.
The celebrated artist, known best for his gift for putting the va-va-voom in superheroine pinups, is sure to rope some more in with the stunning cover of Star Wars: Purge — depicting a triumphant Darth Vader standing over the body of a Jedi with a lightsaber hole burnt through her chest and her right hand (still gripping her own weapon) laying next to her.
After turning inside, readers are treated to a solid story (written by veteran John Ostrander and impressively illustrated by Canada’s Doug Wheatley) set one month after the event’s of Episode III, where Vader is hunting down Jedi — specifically looking for his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Vader is lured into a trap by a group of eight surviving Jedi, some thirsting for revenge on the Sith. Watching Vader overcome the odds is totally worth $2.99.

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