Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 5 — The Hidden Temple

April 20, 2009 | Trades

Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 5 — The Hidden Temple
John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons
Dark Horse Books
$15.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Cade Skywalker has been deep inside the belly of the beast and survived — and he has no intention of going back.
The descendant of Jedi hero Luke Skywalker, Cade has always relished his anonymity as a pirate and bounty hunter. But once Sith Lord Darth Krayt learned of Cade’s lineage, he captured him and tried to use his abilities to cement his grip as current tyrant of the galaxy.
After a daring escape, Cade is free and along with his friends, Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue, and his uncle Bantha (also a secret Skywalker), he is left trying to find a safe place to hide and a plan to deal with Krayt and his Sith minions.
When Bantha reveals the existence of a hidden Jedi temple, where many of the last survivors of this noble discipline reside, the crew think they’ve got a perfect place to start, but the arrival of several members of deposed Emperor Roan Fel’s Imperial Knights threatens to make an already dangerous mission an explosive one.
A bit slow paced after the wild ride that was volume 4 of the collected editions of Legacy, The Hidden Temple does have some interesting revelations — including a whopper about Jariah Syn’s long-simmering hatred of the Jedi — and sets the stage for what should be a dramatic next story arc.

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