April 13, 2004 | Comics


Antony Johnson, Ross Campbell
Oni Press
$14.95 US (Paperback)
*** ½ (out of five)

Emily Spook’s head is a flophouse for ghosts — and the latest visitor may end up turning Emily into one herself.
This grim, dark, gothy piece of work by writer Antony Johnson and illustrator Ross Campbell, sets the self-centred and mildly psychotic Emily on the path to finding out who killed Simon, a spirit who would not go quietly over into the light and is currently trapped in her noggin.
While trying to get her art career going and wallowing in her own self pity at having this paranormal ability, Emily, at Simon’s behest, tries to track down what happened to him and quickly becomes embroiled in an occult murder mystery.
The heavily pierced Emily is a character who is both innocent and vulnerable, yet detached and of dubious intentions, making her a very compelling protagonist.
Campbell’s drawings, reproduced in black and white, really set the tone of this book and give the streets of London eeriness and a sinister feel.
The final chapter to this tale ends with the door a bit too far open for a sequel for some tastes, but does come together well leaves the reader with a sense of satisfaction, if not completion.

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