Spawn #150

November 14, 2005 | Comics


Spawn #150
David Hine, Angel Medina
Image Comics
$5.85/$4.95 US
*** (out of five)

It’s a radical new direction for Spawn— or is it?
After being lost to obscurity for a very long time (“is that book still going” being the most common fan response), Spawn reaches a milestone and switches creators to the team of David Hine (District X, Son Of M) and Angel Medina in an effort to break out of its ruts.
But given the fact that many readers gave up on this series the minute that superstar creator Todd McFarlane gave up the art chores about 20 issues in, there is not exactly a seemless transition.
While Medina’s art (along with that of Philip Tan) is extremely impressive and the co-written tale by Hine, Brian Holguin and McFarlane is tight, there will be a learning curve for anyone willing to jump back on board after all this time.
Still, it is great that someone with Hine’s creds is willing to try and do something with what was at one time on of the hottest properties in comics. Hopefully given the right mix, it can be again.

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