Soul Kiss #2 (of 5)

April 23, 2009 | Comics

Soul Kiss #2 (of 5)
Steven T. Seagle, Marco Cinello
Image Comics
$3.50 US
**** (out of five)

Lili made a deal with the devil that she thought she could pay the price on.

She owed him a soul — her soul, she thought.

Turns out it was her boyfriend’s (thanks to the big, bad beast she reduced him to ashes with one big smootch) and if she want to get him back she’s got to lock lips with 10 more people in 10 days and send their souls south that famous hotspot.

So the questions are: Can she go through with it and if so, who deserves the peck of death?

Pucker up for a dark and delightful read, courtesy Steven T. Seagle (Like a Bird…) and Marco Cinello.

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