Solo #1

December 6, 2004 | Comics


Solo #1
Tim Sale
DC Comics
$7.50/$4.95 US
**** (out of five)

Finally: a worthy showcase for some of the top talent in the comic book industry.
Beginning with Solo #1, featuring the art of Tim Sale, this 48-page, bimonthly series gives DC Comics’ artists a chance to stretch their wings and try telling different kinds of stories.
Sale, best known for his work along with writer Jeph Loeb on Batman: The Long Halloween, Catwoman: When In Rome and more, shines in this anthology, which lets him show his talents for telling fast-paced action, tender love and gritty crime stories — aided by writers Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Superman), Loeb and Toronto’s Darwyn Cooke.
This free expression idea is a terrific one and should get better in late December with the release of Solo #2, featuring Hellblazer artist Richard Corben.

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