Small Gods Special #1

August 8, 2005 | Comics


Small Gods Special #1
Jason Rand, Juan Ferreyra
Image Comics
$3.75/$2.99 US
**** (out of five)

Writer Jason Rand, in the letters section of this Small Gods Special, says the creation of this issue was a “massive exercise.”
Well Jason, it was worth it.
Small Gods follows the lives of several members of the Denver Police force who live in a world where one in 100 people have some form of psychic abilities.
When Owen Young — a precognitive detective — has a vision of a jewel heist that will end in bloodshed, the race is on to find it and stop it from happening. But both the robbers and a mysterious someone else involved may not let that come to pass.
Featuring the same sharp writing that has made this one of the best, if most underrated, series on the market — combined with the superlative art of Juan Ferreyra — the Small Gods Special is a great taste of a solid comic.

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