Shark-Man #1

January 28, 2008 | Comics


Shark-Man #1
Steve Pugh, Michael Town, David Elliot, Ronal Shusett
Image Comics
$3.50 CAN/US
**** (out of five)

Alan Gaskill wanted to create a utopia.
Instead he’s unleashed a nightmare.
Gaskill’s ingenuity helped create New Venice, a paradise off the coast of California, with no crime and no worries for its residents.
To make sure this perfect city remains as pristine as it was intended, Gaskill also creates an alter ego: Sharkman, a hero who battles the pirates and villains that would assault the denizens and visitors of his amazing new land.
But not everyone is happy with Gaskill’s vision of perfection and forces, both political and supernatural, are working against him and his family.
Can Sharkman avoid being devoured himself?
Filled with vivid and exquisite art by Steve Pugh, Sharkman sinks its teeth into you quickly and never lets go.

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