Shadowpact: The Burning Age

May 4, 2009 | Trades

Shadowpact: The Burning Age
Matt Sturges, Phil Winslade, Kieron Dwyer, Tom Derenick
DC Comics
$21.99/$17.99 US (Paperback)
*** (out of five)

Shadowpact was created in the midst of epic turmoil. It seems only fitting that it ends in the same situation.

Having burst onto the scene in 2005 as part of the six-part Day of Vengeance miniseries (which saw the Spectre virtually eradicate magic from the DC Universe), Shadowpact brought some of the DCU’s top magic-oriented characters together to form a new team that would focus its energies on mystical threats.

With a nice mix of quirky characters – including Blue Devil, Nightshade, Nightmaster, Ragman, Enchantress and (long-time personal fave) Detective Chimp – the group quickly caught the attention of readers and that popularity spurred an ongoing series, the last six issues of which are containing in this fourth and final collected edition.

The Burning Age sees a founding member bid farewell, another regain his long-lost humanity and a massive showdown with the god-like Sun King that requires centuries worth of mystical heroes to survive as everything, in spite of four years of predictions of disaster, ends with a nice big bow on top.

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