Seven Soldiers #0

March 7, 2005 | Comics


Seven Soldiers #0
Grant Morrison, J.H. Williams
DC Comics
$4.50/$2.95 US
*** (out of five)

Seven Soldiers is one of the most ambitious and complex comic book projects in years — brought to you by one of the most creative minds in the industry.
But you’d better not be in a rush to see how everything works out.
Grant Morrison (JLA, New X-Men) pens this opening book of the 30-part story, which will be told over the next 13 months, that will involve the fate of the entire DC Universe, but not a single big-name hero.
Instead of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman saving the day, readers will get up close and personal with characters like the Shining Knight, the Bulleteer and Zatanna.
Issue #0 sees the formation of a new super-team filled with even more obscure heroes. But will their first mission be their last?

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