Sergio Aragones’ Groo: 25th Anniversary Special

October 28, 2007 | Comics


Sergio Aragones’ Groo: 25th Anniversary Special
Sergio Aragones, Mark Evanier, Tom Luth, Stan Sakai
Dark Horse Comics
$5.99 US
**** 1/2 (out of five)

So about 20 years ago, I walked into the Mac’s Milk that used to be down the street from my parents house looking for something to eat and something to read.
I honestly can’t remember what I snacked on that day, but I clearly remember the comic book I bought was Groo The Wanderer #1 from Epic Comics because the antics of the oafish, sword-wielding barbarian klutz made me laugh out loud on that 10-minute walk home and people stopped and stared. I didn’t care — I’d discovered something great.
I went back and tracked down the handful of other Groo comics that had been published by other companies and made buying Groo a monthly habit for over 10 years until that Epic series ended. Luckily there have been many other series since then, first at Image Comics and later at Dark Horse and wherever Groo has gone his cult of devotees, myself included, have followed.
To mark the 25th anniversary of the Wanderer’s first appearance, creator Sergio Aragones, perhaps best known to non-comic fans for his work in Mad magazine, along with longtime collaborators Mark Evanier, Tom Luth and Stan Sakai, have cooked up another Groo classic featuring two fine tales: The Plague, a look at just how quickly our hero can start trouble, fix trouble and then start some more, and Groo For Sale, a misadventure starring Little Groo.
Happy Anniversary to Sergio, Mark, Tom and Stan — I hope you enjoy their gift to us all as much as I have over the years.

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