Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness

June 5, 2006 | Comics, Trades


Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Oni Press
$11.95 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Scott Pilgrim is stuck between a rock and his ex-girlfriend.
To win the heart of the lovely Ramona Flowers, Scott must do battle with her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Having bested the first couple in the previous two volumes of this series, Scott now must face No. 3: Todd Ingram — who just happens to be dating Scott’s ex-girlfriend, Envy Adams.
With the wit and charm readers of this series have grown accustomed to, The Infinite Sadness takes Scott on a roller-coaster ride over the ups and downs of his relationship with Envy, his pending battle (don’t worry, it’s not too bloody) with Todd and his blossoming bond with Ramona.
Halifax’s Bryan Lee O’Malley, who won the 2006 Joe Shuster Award for outstanding cartoonist for last year’s second volume of Scott Pilgrim, does a wonderful job balancing humour, emotion and action in The Infinite Sadness. And the hilarious final battle, set in Toronto’s Honest Ed’s is a moment anyone who’s been there will truly appreciate.

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